Zip Line Coupons and Deals

gatlinburg zipline coupons
If you plan to go on a Gatlinburg Zipline Tour then take just a moment to find some Gatlinburg zip line coupons or deals which can save you quite a bit of money on your zipline adventure! There are numerous places to find zipline coupons for Gatlinburg, TN and we’ve listed some of the best places to find them below. Whether you plan to go alone, with family or friends, or a large group, you can find the perfect Gatlinburg zipline coupons in this ultimate guide!

Gatlinburg Zipline Coupons and Deals

One of the best places to find the most updated and reliable Gatlinburg zipline coupons is directly on each zipline company’s website. Many of them have a “Deals” page that gets updated with their current specials, promotional codes, packages, etc. Sometimes these zipline deals can be better than the various Gatlinburg zipline coupons that you can find elsewhere (which we also discuss below). So it’s worth checking out these links first before seeing what other coupons are available from Gatlinburg coupon books, visitor’s guides, etc.


climb works ziplinesCLIMB Works Canopy operates our favorite set of zip lines in Gatlinburg while maintaining an incredible amount of respect for the environment in their business practices and education. Their sustainable practices are just as impressive as the views from their zip lines, which are fantastic! Climb Works offers a true treetop canopy tour consisting of 9 world-class ziplines, unique sky bridges, a fun ATV adventure to the top, and a surprise at the end – making this the ultimate Smoky Mountain experience. This is the Smoky Mountain adventure you’ll remember for the rest of your life! Visit their website below to see for yourself and check out their Packages page to get a great discount when you combine multiple activities!

foxfire mountain zip linesFoxFire Mountain
FoxFire Mountain is located about 10 miles past Dollywood, which puts it out past all of the city lights and noises where you can get some peaceful views of the Smoky Mountains on their zip lines. Their zip line tour takes about 2 hours where ziplines range from 60ft to 1,500ft. We even have a nice discount available right now for up to $8 off!!
Click here to save up to $8 on Foxfire Zipline adventures!

Legacy Mountain Zip Lines of the Smokies

legacy mountain ziplinesWe have an amazing deal for Legacy Mountain Ziplines with our $20 off discount below! Legacy offers 7 exciting ziplines that are as high as 450ft off the ground! Check them out in the link below and to get this incredible deal.
legacy mountain zipline coupon

Adventure America Zipline Canopy Tours

Located outside of Gatlinburg, Adventure America Zipline Canopy Tours offers a peaceful zipline tour away from the lights, traffic, and sounds of Gatlinburg. With our discount below, you can save nearly $7 per person.
adventure america zipline canopy tours

smoky mountain zip linesSmoky Mountain Ziplines
Smoky Mountain Ziplines is located just outside of Gatlinburg in Pigeon Forge. They have various specials and coupons for their ziplines available on their website. They also offer one of the only military discounts and senior citizen discounts for ziplines near Gatlinburg. Check out their current coupons and deals at:

Other Gatlinburg Zip Line Coupons

We’ve scoured the internet to find Gatlinburg zipline coupons from other websites, coupon books, etc and have listed some of the best below! If you couldn’t find any Gatlinburg zipline coupons directly on the websites above or if you want to see if there is a better deal available, then be sure to check out the websites below for some printable Gatlinburg zipline coupons!

Smoky Mountain Monster Coupon Book
The Smoky Mountain Monster Coupon Book has a $10 off per person coupon (for up to 4 people) for the popular Gatlinburg Ziplines Family Adventure near the parkway in downtown Gatlinburg. If you plan to visit Gatlinburg Ziplines Family Adventure then get this coupon as it’s one of the only coupons we could find for this Gatlinburg zipline.

Smoky Mountain Navigator
smoky mountain navigator coupon bookThe Smoky Mountain Navigator is a free vacation guide that can be ordered and directly sent to you, but it also has a website that features all sorts of printable Gatlinburg coupons. At the time of this article being published, they have a couple of Gatlinburg zipline coupons available for $5 off at Foxfire Mountain Ziplines and a free keepsake zipline photo at Adventure Ziplines of Pigeon Forge. Definitely check out the Smoky Mountain Navigator for some great printable Gatlinburg zipline coupons as more could be added at any time!

best read guide pigeon forgeBest Read Guide
The Best Read Guide is another guide to the Smoky Mountains that can be ordered and you can easily print Gatlinburg zipline coupons directly from their website. You can find coupons for Gatlinburg zip lines including the popular CLIMB Works Canopy Tour and Jayell Ranch Zipline Tours.

pigeon forge what to do guideWhat To Do Guide
This Smoky Mountains guide features a coupon section on their website with some fantastic coupons for Gatlinburg including some coupons for ziplines near Gatlinburg, TN. They have a $5 off zipline coupon at Foxfire Mountain and up to $20 off at nearby Legacy Mountain Ziplines.


Final Thoughts about Gatlinburg Zip Line Coupons

If you know of another great place to get coupons for ziplines in Gatlinburg, TN then please share it with others in the comment form below and we’ll add it to the list! Ziplining in the Great Smoky Mountains is one of the most exciting things to do when visiting Gatlinburg, TN and is something we highly recommend doing at least once in your lifetime!

Also, be sure to check out our list of Gatlinburg Zip Line Tours to see some of the best ziplines in Gatlinburg, TN!

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