Live Gatlinburg Webcams in the Smoky Mountains

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gatlinburg webcam smoky mountains
There are numerous live webcams in Gatlinburg, TN and the Smoky Mountains available to give you a peek at what downtown and the surrounding Smokies look like right now! No matter where you are in the world, you can get a glimpse of the weather, traffic, snow, leaves, etc in Gatlinburg any time you wish! We list some of the most popular webcams below with a description of what each one shows. Bookmark, like, and share this page with others to share the beauty of the Smoky Mountains through these live Gatlinburg webcams!

First Smoky Mountain Snowfall of 2014!

If you’re looking for pictures of the very first snowfall in the Smokies, check out our photo album on facebook!

Gatlinburg Web Cams of Downtown and Smoky Mountains

Want to see what downtown Gatlinburg and the surrounding Smoky Mountains look like right now? Check out the webcams below to see snow, rain, leaves, traffic, and more in various locations in and around Gatlinburg, TN:

Pioneer Cabin Rentals Webcam – The live video webcam offered by Pioneer Cabin Rentals provides a fantastic view of Gatlinburg through a webcam that you can control and operate! You can pan left and right, tilt up and down, and even zoom in and out! Check it out below or see it at

Downtown Gatlinburg webcam pointing towards Ole Smoky Moonshine holler:

Ober Gatlinburg Ski Resort webcam to see snow and snow-making:

Webcam from a vacation home in Gatlinburg:

Highlands Condos Webcam:

Webcam of foliage from Look Rock:

Webcam of foliage from Purchase Knob:

Gatlinburg Webcams with Limited Viewing

The following webcams only work on certain browsers and plugins and may not work on your setup…they also will most likely not be viewable on phones.

Webcam from the Gatlinburg Space Needle:

Live web cam video of downtown Gatlinburg from the Mountain Mall:

Webcam from Titanic Museum in Pigeon Forge:

More Webcams in Gatlinburg TN

If you know of other webcams in Gatlinburg Tennessee that should be added to this list, then please let us know by posting in the comments section below!

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  1. Michael Duke says

    If you get Tickets for Ripleys attractions online & don’t have a printer, Can you pick them up there in Gatlinburg.

    • Gatlinburg TN Guide says

      You sure can! Just head to the ticket booth of the attraction and they’ll provide you with the tickets. Enjoy!

  2. JW says

    What’s happened to the Mountain Mall camera? I noticed it went to “not available” status on Aug 28, 2014. Man, it would be just sad to lose that one too, the other live cam went down months ago and has never come back.. Mountain Mall was the only live shot left from Gatlinburg. What the heck is going on up there? And thanks to the folks who provide the still webcam shots, but live shots are THE best.
    We plan our fall trip by the color change.
    Thanks, JW

    • JW says

      Thanks Gatlinburg TN Guide and Mountain Mall, the cam is back up and running! yeah! Also Pioneer Cabins moveable cam is very good too! Thanks to them.

  3. JW says

    Does anybody know if the Space Needle cam will ever be up and running again? Just checked it again Sept 17th, 2014 at 4:45 pm and its still not working. Aren’t we pushing a year now that its been down? and their website says it “we are streaming the live-stream, and will up as soon as possible”, I can’t get anything…if they are not going to put it back up, I wish they’d just say so!
    Good Ol’ Faithful Mountain Mall cam is good to go though, check it out, and Pioneer Cabin Rentals is good too, they’re both live shots. Thank goodness for those!

  4. wvr3635 says

    I used to love to watch the Space Needle cam, you could see the whole city with it…since it and all but one of the other cams have been down for so long, I’m wondering if those very high resolution cams saw something — or someone — they shouldn’t, and were forced to be taken down due to litigation over privacy concerns? That’s the only explanation I can come up with as to why nearly ALL the live webcams were taken down in the #1 resort town in all of USA! Anyone agree? Disagree? Any other ideas?

  5. Fay says

    Why put this list up when only about half the cams are working? In the past I have watched parades, fireworks and many other things. Now not much of anything can be seen. Please get all the cameras working again!!

  6. JW says

    wvr3635 I agree with you for sure. And Shane, why are you still publishing webcam addresses that don’t work? How about you address these issues? I don’t see the sense in it at all. People love the cams. I don’t think its got anything to do with privacy legal issues, if that were the case, every webcam in the country would come down….they are everywhere anymore and one place they should be is in Gatlinburg! I think the issue is money in the form of cost. I know these cams are expensive, I’ve looked into one for my place here in Florida that people could tap into and use for free, and its an expensive venture and I’m a small-time operator compared to the Gatlinburg attractions, but for these places in Gatlinburg like the Space Needle, I mean, its got to be killer advertising and why in the heck doesn’t the city of Gatlinburg get a few up and running to promote the town? My sincere thanks to Pioneer Cabins and Mountain Mall for their continued interest in the webcams, and for the still webcams, might as well take them down.

    • Shane Eubanks says

      Actually, on Sunday October 5th I updated this list and verified all to be working. There are 2 webcams that only work on certain browsers and not on phones. I’ve updated the article to point that out now. I also checked about 30 other webcams in the area, adding only the best ones to this list and leaving out all that either did not work or had poor views or quality. Webcams can go offline for numerous reasons at any time and near impossible to get notified when they do and update this article in real-time. If some do not work, it’s out of my control, but I do try to keep the list updated.

      Thank you for your input…it helped to add some clarity in the article about cams that may not work for some.

  7. JW says

    Shane, thanks for this great website and the information on the webcams, I’m sure it’s as frustrating for you as it is for us trying to keep up with what’s running and what’s not. I wanted to say thanks because I know my frustration comes out in my email and other people’s too, and its not aimed at you and I wanted you to know that. People who love Gatlinburg (like me) REALLY love Gatlinburg. and I’d live there if I could and may when I retire. So, I just loved having the ability to jump on a controllable cam and look around town, watch the construction things going on, follow the chairs and the aerial tram going up and down, it was just a great way to almost be there.
    I think hands down the Space Needle controllable cam was, or is, the best cam in the area. Pioneer Village is also good and is controllable, and Mountain Mall provides a neat shot of the Parkway in Gatlinburg but is not controllable and is always aimed in the same place, which is ok.
    Can you publish the browser and plug-in necessary to access the Space Needle webcam? I’ve tried everything I know to gain access to it but have not been successful. Is there a reason they’ve made it inaccessible? I know its an expensive venture as I’ve checked into getting one. No way can I justify the expense. I wonder if the city of Gatlinburg has looked into putting up a couple controllable cams?
    Well, again Shane, thanks and I hope you understand my frustration is not aimed at you! I understand you are “the messenger”. Your website is awesome and I use it a lot and really like it! Thanks again.

  8. Brenda Meador says

    There are people that have been coming to Gatlinburg. All there lives and now at there age of 70 and above they are not able to come. But they do have Computers to enjoy looking at Gatlinburg from the WEBCAM and see when there is something going on. This is so peaceful for these people that are know longer able to travel to the mountains. Could you PLEASE HELP these people to enjoy this once again. THANKS FOR EVERYTHING.

  9. Brenda Meador says

    I will say, that people and myself like to be able to go the wed cam when we could not be there for some reason or the other. But now that we can’t. We are very up set. We want the Webcams back. Please . Some of us enjoyed watching the people and traffic go by even if we could not be there . Can u pleaseee help us in some way. If not I can tell u the webcams are some of the reason a lot of people came there, because a friend told them about the webcam and they could see what was going there. It was a very good advertising for the town. HELP PLEASE

  10. JW says

    Well darn it, it looks like we’ve the lost Mountain Mall webcam now too? And all the ones sponsored by WATE-TV are down too? .

  11. JW says

    Does ANYBODY know the secret to using the Space Needle webcam? If anybody knows, please let the rest of us know? either that, or just take down the web address, because, when you go to it, there is NO link to a camera there…..

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