2014 Gatlinburg Christmas Parade

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gatlinburg christmas paradeThe 2014 Gatlinburg Christmas Parade in Gatlinburg, TN is known as the Fantasy of Lights Christmas Parade and features over 100 parade entries of marching bands, floats, helium balloons, performers, and more! The Gatlinburg Christmas Parade 2014 is expected to draw more than 80,000 spectators viewing the parade throughout downtown Gatlinburg, TN. Below, you will find information about the 2014 Gatlinburg Christmas Parade route and the date & time that it takes place.

2014 Gatlinburg Christmas Parade Date, Time, and Route

The Gatlinburg Christmas Parade 2014 takes place on December 5 at approximately 7:30pm beginning at traffic light #1A on Highway 321 and ends at Traffic Light #10…if you’re at traffic light 10, the parade will reach you around 8pm. The entire parade typically lasts around an hour. The majority of people tend to sit or stand along the parkway in downtown Gatlinburg for the best views closest to all the action. If you would like to view a map of Gatlinburg to see where the traffic lights are, you can view the city’s map at: http://www.gatlinburg.com/maps/ .

Keep in mind that the Parkway through downtown Gatlinburg will be closed off during the Christmas parade as well as slightly before it begins and after it ends. With this in mind, if you plan to attend the Gatlinburg Christmas Parade then we highly suggest arriving in town earlier in the day, find a parking spot, and stroll through the downtown shops, grab a bite to eat, sip some hot chocolate and make an afternoon & evening out of it. Have fun and enjoy the entire experience!

Where to Park

If you’re fortunate enough to find a spot along River Road (which parallels the Parkway), most of those spots are free. If there aren’t any open spots, there are a handful of privately owned parking lots along River Road that typically charge a flat fee. There are also two city-operated parking garages, one at Ripley’s Aquarium of the Smokies and the other at Traffic Light #3, the McMahan Parking Garage. Both of these parking garages provide numerous parking spots that should be available.

Gatlinburg Christmas Parade Video

Below is a video the city provided of a previous Gatlinburg Christmas Parade if you would like an idea of what to expect if you have never seen it before. Keep in mind that it is much better in person!


    • Gatlinburg TN Guide says

      Thanks David, the ending traffic light was a typo on our part and it’s now corrected. The parade actually lasts about an hour and the way we had it worded and gatlinburg.com has it worded was a bit confusing, so we clarified ours as it normally lasts about an hour.

      What gatlinburg.com is basically saying (in a confusing way) is that it takes 30 minutes for the beginning of the parade to get from traffic light 1a to traffic light 10…and the parade lasts an hour…so that’s where they are coming up with the hour and a half.

      • Gary says

        who do we contact about being in the parade? would like to ride our horses in the parade so any info or who to contact would greatly be appreciated. thank you kindly

  1. David Smith says

    Thank you for your response concerning the parade! I have visited Gatlinburg many times but have never been during the Christmas season, for some reason. It has always been a Spring, Summer or Fall trip. This year, I am planning for a Christmas/Winter trip and would like to take in the wonderful lights, sights and sounds of the season and of course the Christmas parade!

    • Milissa says

      there really are no hotels that has a balcony overlooking the parkway mellow mushroom you can go there but it is very expensive get there early and set up chairs on the parkway

    • Milissa says

      Cheryl the only hotel is four seasons which is booked. Other than that there is not really any that overlook the parkway with a balcony there is several restraunts mellow mushroom but it is very expensive I hope this helps Have a merry Christmas I am going up there to see the parade

  2. David Smith says

    Looking at the weather forecast for Friday December 6, it says there is a 60-80% chance of rain. Are there any alternative plans for the parade in case of weather conditions?

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